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E3 Doctoral Training Partnership

How to Apply

If you wish to be considered for one of the projects available in the E3 DTP, please follow the application procedure outlined below.

Applications for the E3 DTP (2017/2018 intake, starting September 2017) are now closed.

There won't be any second round of recruitment this year.

Entrance Requirements

Eligibility for funding

E3 DTP projects are fully funded NERC studentships and are only available to UK/EU citizens, who have worked and/or studied in the UK for the previous three years.

Research Councils UK Funding Conditions

Our selection process for PhD programmes is very competitive. We require you to have a minimum of 2.1 undergraduate degree or equivalent. However, we may take relevant work experience and/or a Masters degree into account.

Please note that if English is not your first language then we will need to see evidence of your English language proficiency before we can offer you a place.

English language requirements

Apply Online

Winter hillwalking, Scotland

On the Projects page, please apply using the link 'Apply' next to the project you are interested in. The link will take you to the University of Edinburgh's Course and Degree Finder. On this page, go to the 'Apply for this degree' box on the right hand side and under PhD (Full-time), select 11 September 2017 from the drop-down box then click Apply.

Your application requires all of the following supporting documents which will need to be uploaded through the EUCLID application system:

Curriculum vitae
This should include your academic achievements and appropriate non-academic experience and achievements. Once inside the application online system, upload your CV in place of the research proposal (which is not required for the DTP application).
Transcripts and certificates of all degrees to date
If you have not yet completed your current degree, you will need to send an official transcript of your results to date.
Academic References
We require a minimum of two signed academic references. These must be submitted with your application.
Personal Statement
The EUCLID application form includes a Personal Statement and in this you should identify your preferred project, explain why it interests you and how your qualifications and skills make you an excellent candidate for the project. If you wish to apply for more than one project please only make one application and number your choices in order of preference in your application.

Please ensure that all of the documents detailed above are submitted as part of your online EUCLID application, to allow your application to be processed without delay.

You are not required to submit a project proposal document. Please provide only the title of the project you wish to be considered for. You may apply for more than one project within one application by selecting your first choice as your application point and listing further options in the title section.


Students in the Grant Institute, GeoSciences, Edinburgh

Once all applications have been reviewed, we will invite selected short-listed candidates for interview. If you have been selected for interview, we will contact you by email towards the beginning of February with an invitation to interview in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh. Interviews are likely to be held at the end of February.


Successful candidates will be contacted shortly after interviews and will be offered a place on our PhD programme with funding provided by the E3 DTP.

The NERC DTP universal acceptance deadline is 15 March 2017.

Other GeoSciences PhD Projects

For all other part funded or fully funded scholarships within the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh, please refer to the link below for more information.

Edinburgh GeoSciences PhD Projects