School of GeoSciences

E3 Doctoral Training Partnership


We recruit 18+ students each year via our annual studentships competition.

See the students which make up each of our cohorts.

The 2014 cohort

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2017 Cohort

2016 Cohort

2015 Cohort

2014 Cohort

2014 Cohort

Jakob Assmann

  • Phenology shifts and greening of Arctic tundra vegetation with climate change
  • Dr R Ennos, ICAPB ~ Dr. Isla Myers-Smith

Amelia Bain

  • Eruption dynamics of cyclic vulcanian explosions from Galeras volcano
  • Dr. Eliza Calder ~ Dr. Loughlin (BGS)

Rachel Bartlett

Corinne Baulcomb

  • Modelling Complex Social Systems in the Context of Coastal Ecosystem Services & Resource Management
  • Barnes (SRUC) ~ Dr. Meriwether Wilson

Frederick Bowyer

  • Triggering the Cambrian Explosion: Carbon Cycle reorganisation and the rise of Metazoans
  • Professor Rachel Wood ~ AT13 ~ Dr. Poulton (Leeds)

Oliver Cawdell

  • Understanding the role of Scottish rivers in the global carbon cycle: Sources and reactivities of organic matter in Scottish lakes and streams.
  • Dr. Gregory Cowie ~ Professor Kate Heal

Frazer Christie

David Cooper

Matthew Dumont

Sophie Flack-Prain

Rebecca Giesler

Rebekah Harries

  • Unravelling climate and tectonic changes in the sediment record using the Jáchal region, South Central Andes as a natural laboratory
  • Dr. Linda Kirstein ~ Dr. Mikael Attal

Emma Hipkins

Stephen Ives

  • Assessing ecological resilience to human induced environmental change in shallow lakes
  • SPEARS (CEH) ~ Professor Kate Heal

Louis Kinnear

Rosa Milowdoski (Nee Sharp)

Leo Peskett

  • Runoff generation, flowpaths and flooding in the changing environment of upland UK
  • Professor Kate Heal ~ Dr. MacDonald (BGS)

Gavin Sim

  • CHROMATICS: Chromium speciation, transport and fate in Clyde catchment soils, sediments and waters: understanding Cr mobility in urban-industrial environments
  • Dr. Margaret Graham ~ Dr. Bryne Ngwenya

Thomas Stokes

Haydn Thomas

Warwick Wainwright

  • The economic value of Farm Animal Genetic Resources (FAnGR) conservation in the UK, Brazil and Malawi
  • Dr. Moran (SRUC) ~ AI

Jack Yates

  • Using models of the Earth system to develop bio-signatures for identifying habitable exoplanets
  • Professor Paul Palmer ~ Prof. Cockell (Physics & Astronomy) ~ Dr. Biller (Royal Observatory)