School of GeoSciences

E3 Doctoral Training Partnership


We recruit 18+ students each year via our annual studentships competition.

See the students which make up each of our cohorts.

The 2014 cohort

2018 Cohort

2017 Cohort

2016 Cohort

2015 Cohort

2014 Cohort

2015 Cohort

Jacob Ainscough

  • From Arran to Arnavon: Dynamics of ecosystem service trade-offs and trajectories of environmental change of community based Marine Protected Areas
  • Dr. Meriwether Wilson ~ Dr. Jasper Kenter

Gregory Albery

Zachary M.D. Baynham-Herd

  • Resolving the conservationist?s dilemma: using game theory to develop stable collaborative conservation strategies
  • Dr. Aidan Keane ~ Dr. Thomas Molony (UOE African Studies )

Vanessa C. Burton

  • Understanding the influences of land ownership on benefits from woodlands expansion
  • Dr. Marc Metzger ~ CB18 ~ DM7

Jessica Clark

  • Limits to adaptation: how pathogen resistance constrains reproduction and survival
  • Professor Tom Little

Benjamin A. Clarke

Eleri R. Clarke (Nee Simpson)

Roseanne Clement

Richard Delf

Ribanna Dittrich

Andrew J. Dobrzanski

Sarah Donoghue

Stacey M. Fairhurst

  • Oilseed rape and pollinators: the impact of variety on resource availability and pollination resilience
  • Dr. Gail Jackson ~ Dr. Andy Evans (SRUC) ~ Dr. Lorna Cole (SRUC)

Guillaume C.H. Goodwin

Andrew Griffiths

Anna Mackie

  • Interpreting Earths top-of-the-atmosphere broadband radiation fluxes using numerical models
  • Professor Paul Palmer ~ Helen Brindley (Imperial College London)

Monika Mendelova

Elsa Panciroli

Lauren R. Shotter

Jonathon Siva-Jothy

Ashley Smith

  • Separating magnetic field sources using the Swarm satellite constellation
  • Professor Kathryn Whaler ~ Dr Ciaran Beggan (BGS) ~ DR Susan MacMillan (BGS)