School of GeoSciences

E3 Doctoral Training Partnership


Dr. Mikael Attal

  • Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Modelling of Landscape Dynamics
  • Edinburgh Research Explorer
  • Within the Global Change research group, I am part of the Land Surface Dynamics research group. My research aims at producing a model of landscape evolution that would realistically predict how landscapes respond to a disturbance (tectonic or climatic) over a wide range of time scales (from days to millions of years). To do so, the model must track sediment particles (the ┐tools┐ for fluvial erosion) during their journey from hillslopes to sedimentary basins. My research focuses on understanding the coupling between hillslopes and rivers, characterizing and quantifying fluvial erosion and transport processes in mountain rivers and defining the role that sediments play in modulating fluvial erosion rates. Methods: analysis of real landscapes (collection of field data, DEM analysis) numerical modelling and experimental studies.

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