School of GeoSciences

E3 Doctoral Training Partnership


Dr. Laetitia Pichevin

  • Senior Researcher in Palaeoceanography/Palaeoclimatology
  • Edinburgh Research Explorer
  • My research aims at understanding the role of the ocean in modulating climate changes in the past (from decadal to orbital timescales) using an array of stable isotopic and other geochemical methods in marine sediment cores. Specifically, I have investigated past changes in the marine biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen and silicon in key regions of the ocean during the Late Quaternary. More recently, I have developed challenging trace element measurements in cleaned diatom frustules in the view to reconstruct past changes in marine micro-nutrient bioavailability and document their impact on the marine biological pump of carbon. In addition, I am using geochemical tools in highly-resolved marine sedimentary archives to reconstruct past changes in ENSO variability and investigate their relationship with the climate mean state.

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