School of GeoSciences

E3 Doctoral Training Partnership


Dr. Massimo Bollasina

  • Lecturer in Atmospheric Sciences
  • Edinburgh Research Explorer
  • The overarching goal of my research is to shed light on mechanisms and physical processes controlling (past and future, observed and simulated) changes in regional hydroclimate at seasonal to interdecadal time scales (and beyond). While one objective is to reduce the current uncertainty related to anthropogenic aerosol forcing, I aim at comprehensively investigating the (non-linear) relationships with other anthropogenic forcing agents (e.g., greenhouse gases, land-use changes) and with the underlying natural climate variability. I am interested in conducting studies in a multidisciplinary framework, in which the interactions between climate and other disciplines (e.g., air quality, ecosystems and environment, water and energy management) are also investigated. To achieve these goals, I use a variety of tools, from observations to a range of models of various complexities, supported by a solid theoretical analysis.

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